Check In

Mobile or Desktop Check in/out

The ability to check-in with a mobile device or computer is available.

Kiosks will still be available for check-in/out (see below).

Mobile Check-ins will NOT be used during the 14 days of regular Firearm Deer Season.  Kiosk check-ins will be required.

Except on public roads, participants may NOT enter a training area or travel FTIG roads/trails without being checked in.

Vehicle permit MUST be placed and visible on your dash at all times.  Your vehicle permit will be attached to the bottom of your printed permit.

All hunters MUST report their harvests at check-out when promted on their mobile device. 



        ​At the kiosk tap the screen and it will begin to load.  Initially this can take 30 seconds or more until its recovered from it's "sleep mode".  A white screen will appear.  This is the loading screen.  Tap the screen every so often to be sure it loads.  Eventually the FTIG iSportsman home page will appear and you are ready to checkin. 


        Tap the Check In-Out tab.  Enter your Username or Permit # and password or personal pin # to login.  Next choose the activity you will be participating in from the list.  After choosing your activity you may pick the areas you wish to sign out for from a list or a map.  Click "I Accept" on the acknowledgment displaying your required "check out by" time.  Once you have chosen your areas click next and Confirm your checkin.  Be sure to click Log Out and Return to home page before leaving the kiosk.

Click Here for Maximum Capacity in each Area.






Check Out

​        To check out: Click Check In-Out and Log in as you did for check in.  Click Check Out at the top.  It will ask if you harvested any Game.  If not cllck No and then Confirm Check Out. 

        Be sure to log out before you leave the kiosk.  If you harvested Game click Yes.  Click on the game you harvested and fill out the required details for the harvest. 

Check-in Kiosks located at the intersection of Rt 443 and Clement Ave, Bldg 12-097.  MAP