The Wildlife and Forestry Building has moved!  We are no longer located along Utility road but have moved to a building in the corridor along Tomstown Road.  Our new building is Bldg 26-151 and can be found across from Training Area B-08 along Tomstown Road. 

Please click here for the new office map:  Wildlife Office Map

      Fort Indiantown Gap will close to outdoor recreation on February 28th and reopen in late April for the spring turkey season.   -  Updated Jan 23, 2019



      Permits are now available for purchase for the 2018/2019 Outdoor Recreation Season.  Both Safety Briefs must be viewed before you can purchase a permit.

If you are a returning participant please take the time to make sure your contact information, home address and vehicle information is up to date.  Updated - Sept 25, 2018


      The 2018 FTIG Regulation 215-2, Rules and Regulations Pertaining to Hunting, Fishing, and Outdoor Recreation in the Training Areas,  is now published on the Rules and Regulations page of this web site.  Please become familiar with this regulation and especially make note of all changes made for the 2018/2019 hunting Season.  Hard copies are available at the Hunter Check Station.  Updated - October 22, 2018


 ​ The Training Area map in iSportsman has been updated for 2018. Several area names and boundaries have changed. Here is a list of the top changes:


1.   TA A-11 has been split into two separate training areas. TA A-11 remains the same East of Quartermaster Road but the old TA A-11 West of Quartermaster Rd is a new training area, TA A-12
2.   TA C-06 is now all Range 38.
3.   TA C-09’s Eastern boundary was adjusted so it wouldn’t be affected by Range 33’s safety buffer.
4.   TA D-02’s boundary was adjusted due to Range 37’s small arms impact area.
5.   TA D-03C’s boundary was adjusted due to Range 36’s small arms impact area.
6.   TA D-04’s boundary was adjusted due to Range 36’s small arms impact area. TA D-04 new boundary doesn’t cross the hardball road (Briarcrest Road).
7.   TA D-05B’s boundary was adjusted due to Range 36’s small arms impact area.
8.   TA’s D-08A/B/C no longer exist, TA D-08 has replaced D-08B, TA D-08C is now part of TA D-05A and TA D-08A is now part of TA D-07A

Click here for: New Outdoor Recreation Map



     A recording of accessible training areas is available by calling (855) 522-2068.- 6SEP2017


Harvest Reports 2018-2019:  2018-2019 Week 15 Harvest Report


The information line is available at  (717) 861-2100 for important announcements.