Spring Turkey will open Saturday 1MAY2021.  Hunters must be checked out by the end of legal hunting time.



Harvest Reports 2020-2021:  2020-2021 Harvest Report


To Report Harvest Select YES When Asked If You Harvested Anything While Checking Out.  Then Fill In Appropriate Boxes. When Finished Reporting Your Harvest, Select The "I Don't Have Anymore Harvest" Box to Finish Checking Out. There Are No Yellow Cards This Year. -9OCT



Check-in Procedures For the 2020-2021 Season

For COVID-19 Mitigation the Garrison Commander has authorized the use of remote check-ins. 

All individuals will need to continue to use the dash cards and should plan to keep dash cards in their vehicle to avoid having to come to check station.    Print your vehicle Dash Card: Click Here

All hunters must be checked in to a training area while hunting.

All hunters must report their harvests. This is now available electronically during checkout.

Used Dash Cards should be disposed of at your home. 

 COVID response and mitigation is a fluid process, possibly creating changes to the typical annual schedule.  Any changes will be announced on this page and through the Ft Indiantown Gap Facebook page.  -Updated 28SEP20


Please click here for the a map to the office:  Wildlife Office Map


      The 2019 FTIG Regulation 215-2, Rules and Regulations Pertaining to Hunting, Fishing, and Outdoor Recreation in the Training Areas,  is published on the Rules and Regulations page of this web site.  Please become familiar with this regulation.

Public use of Fort Indiantown Gap may be limited or terminated as a result of alerts or threats to the installation.

 Click here for: Outdoor Recreation Map



     A recording of accessible training areas is available by calling (855) 522-2068.- 6SEP2017