Beginning January 15th, 2024, hunters seeking to enter the cantonment area of Fort Indiantown Gap will need to have a pre-registered form of ID. All hunters should visit the vistors center during business hours with a printed copy of their Hunting Permit and a Valid Government Issued Identification to register your Identification.

Access Control Point Information

The Visitor's Center is open 7am-3pm Mon-Fri.

Most of Fort Indiantown Gap is now in Disease Management Area 8

It is the responsibility of the hunter to know the DMA Boundary and to comply with the regulations set forth by the Pennsylvania Game Commission and FTIG Wildlife

Chronic Wasting Disease in Pennsylvania (

List of CWD Cooperating Deer Processors and Taxidermists

Click the links below for important maps:

Outdoor Recreation Map

Wildlife Office Map

REMINDER For All Hunters:

~Game Cameras are not permitted to be used at Fort Indiantown Gap

~Treestands and Blinds may not be left overnight

~Please remember all individuals must Check-in and Out properly


     A recording of accessible training areas is available by calling (855) 522-2068.- 6SEP2017


      The 2022 FTIG Regulation 215-2, Rules and Regulations Pertaining to Hunting, Fishing, and Outdoor Recreation in the Training Areas,  is published on the Rules and Regulations page of this web site.  Please become familiar with this regulation.

Public use of Fort Indiantown Gap may be limited or terminated as a result of alerts or threats to the installation.