How to Register

The following information will explain the registration process, how to view the safety briefings, and how to purchase permits for hunting. 

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New Registrants

        To Register: Click the “New User” tab and fill in all the general information forms.  After that is completed additional registration information is requested.  All forms in marked in “red” are required and must be filled out in order to purchase outdoor recreation permits.  Be sure to choose a username and password that you will remember.  Also choose a pin code you'll remember as an alternative method to login at an outdoor recreation kiosk. 

        Once registration is complete you will be viewing your Accounts page.  This is where you manage your profile. Once logged in, under the My Account tab, click Account Details and this is where you can manage your account and update user information such as vehicle, address, phone etc.  This is also where you can change passwords.

Returning Registrants

        If you have registered with iSportsman before whether at FTIG or another installation you do not need to register again.  Each year, participants must watch the safety briefs and purchase permits to outdoor recreate at Fort Indiantown Gap. All registration information (address, phone, vehicles, etc) must remain current throughout the entire year.  If something has changed please log into your account and update it accordingly.  See the above paragraph for how to update your account details. 

Purchasing Permits

        If you are new to iSportsman you must first complete your registration.  After registration is complete two safety briefings are required to be completed before permits can be purchased.  Click on “My Safety Briefs” at the top and choose each one.  Play the video and once the briefings are complete there is an acknowledgment at the bottom of each video which you must answer and then click “Done”.  If the acknowledgment is not completed, permits will not be available for purchase. 

        After the safety briefs are viewed click “Available Permits”.  Permits should be available after both videos have been acknowledged.  Anyone wishing to participate in outdoor recreation must at minimum hold a “General Access” permit.  If you wish to access the corridor training areas during the 14 days of Regular Deer Firearms season you must also purchase a “Firearms Season Access” permit.  Firearms Season Access permit does not apply to the Cantonment areas. 

        It is required that outdoor recreation participants print out all permits acquired.  Permits must be carried at all times and be available for display when asked.  Permits can be printed from a participant's account home page.  Any questions should be directed to the email listed on the Contact Information page. 

        Permits are available each year starting in August and ending in May.  Fort Indiantown Gap Outdoor Recreation permits are valid from the day after Labor Day to the end of Spring Turkey Season each year. 


Youth and Mentored Youth

            Youth (ages 12 – 16) and Mentored Youth (under 12 years of age) will register same as adults.  Youth must register their primary guardian’s information in fields they cannot fill.  Guardians of Mentored Youth (under 12 years of age) must register their mentee and either visit the Wildlife office to fill out a release form for their mentored youth or they can download the form from the link below and email to the address listed. 

Be sure to check “Yes” when asking if this is a Mentored Youth.  Youth and Mentored Youth may not participate in outdoor recreation without a registered guardian.  Please review FTIG Regulation 215-2 for rules regarding outdoor recreation for Mentored Youth.  See Rules and Regulations page. 

Mentored Youth Release Form

Please return form to Wildlife Office Bldg. 26-151 or email form to:


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