Welcome to Fort Indiantown Gap                                                                                                

        Fort Indiantown Gap National Guard Training Center is one of the busiest installations in the United States.  Its purpose and our goal is to prepare our troops for the military mission.  As you are participating in outdoor recreation at Fort Indiantown Gap please respect the mission, our troops and the land on which they train.  Outdoor Recreation at Fort Indiantown Gap is a privilege and all activities are at the discretion of the Garrison Commander.  The Garrison Commander may suspend any and all activities based on training requirements, available personnel, staffing resources and/or installation security.  All participants must comply with all Pennsylvania Game Code Laws and Regulations along with Fort Indiantown Gap Regulation 215-2.  Regulation 215-2 outlines all rules and regulations at Fort Indiantown Gap regarding participation in outdoor recreation and hunting activities.

        Fort Indiantown Gap consists of over 17,000 acres.  The installation is split into two regions:  Cantonment which lies south of Blue Mountain and the Corridor which lies north of it.  Cantonment holds over 4,000 acres for outdoor recreation.  It consists of all of the A Training Areas and Training Area C-01.  Cantonment is also the Deer Management Assistance Program area 643.   Information on these two programs can be found in FTIG Regulation 215-2.  The training corridor sits between Blue Mountain and Second Mountain and holds over 11,000 acres for outdoor recreation.  The bulk of military training occurs in the corridor and this area also contains the impact area which is off limits.


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